Avalanche forecasting



In the context of the Freeride project ALPsolut creates the daily avalanche bulletin for the community of Livigno.  

More and more skiers and snowboarders want to try the experience of abandoning the ski runs to try the emotion of skiing on fresh snow and pure white routes that are not controlled. To enable you to fulfill this passion, Livigno has set up an avalanche bulletin that is daily updated so that you are constantly informed on the risks that you may encounter when skiing off-piste.

The  local avalanche bulletin is provided on a daily basis for the area of Livigno (200 km2) with the standards according to European Avalanche Warning Services (EAWS) regulations. Close collaboration and data exchange with both nearby Regional Avalanche Centers, ARPA of Bormio (Italy) and the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Davos (Switzerland) were initiated.

Off-piste skiing is at the risk and peril of the skier. Alpsolut S.r.l., Livigno municipality, Livigno tourist office and Livigno resort companies decline all responsibility for accidents or injuries that may occur off the marked ski slopes.