Snow cover modeling



Forecasting avalanche danger is essentially locating and predicting snow instabilities, i.e. avalanche activity. Avalanche professionals rely often on snow profiles to determine slope stability or assess the avalanche danger. However, performing snow profiles is time consuming and often simply not possible due to safety constraints. Therefore, models simulating the snow stratigraphy at a given point over time have been developed in the past. One such model is SNOWPACK.

This model describes the evolution of the snowpack and its interactions with the environment. SNOWPACK has been primarily designed to support and improve the avalanche warning, but can also be applied to many other fields. The model is forced with data from automatic weather stations or numerical weather prediction models. We provide easy to interpret indices and simulated snow profiles for the main avalanche problems, new snow, drifting snow, persistent weak layers and wet-snow conditions. On demand we create also customized graphs and indices to improve and facilitate your avalanche risk evaluation.